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Boxer friends

Dear Larry & Virginia,

Before you trudge out into the cold snow to tend to your Boxer's, you may wonder at times. "Is it worth it? " ( I would!!!!)

Let us try to encourage you.

Dear 1st family,

I am a few days shy of my 1st birthday. I am a pup from Rusty & Fancy who was a birthday gift for a 8 year old girl named Kasey. She named me Abby and I am the most priceless gift she will ever have, for we truely are the best of friends! No amount of money could buy the loyality and devotion I have. We do"happy" very well together, and together we create all kind of fun!

I am very smart and clever, and I do like to please, so I try to mind my manners. Think you'd be proud of me. I may sound a bit snooty, but I am far from that! I am super friendly and I charm everyone I meet. I am just confident and the picture of great health, which comes from having people like you who promote these traits in their dogs.

Please keep up the good work so that other families will have the lucky opportunity of experiancing Boxers at their finest!

God bless & Keep you

Abby & The Scheller Family

I bought Joe from you in Febuary. He'sthe best thing in my life. He was 6 weeks old in Feb. He's about to be 10 months and he's healthy, smart and loving. He,s about 70 pounds now and an active dog. He loves his football and i take him everywhere i can. He,s been to San Diego, Oklahoma and Louisiana on my road trips and he loves it. You and your wife have brought a big bright spot into my life with Joe. I couldn't have asked for better breeders but more importantly good hearted people. I could not have ask for a better dog then Joe. Thank you Cristobal Flores

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