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In our opinion a reputable breeder is a breeder who is breeding their dog not just for a few extra dollars, but is trying to promote and draw interest in the breed they love. Reputable breeders don't just breed to any Dog that is the same breed as their female or male, they want to take the best genetics that they can find and blend them in a way to produce the kind of dog they them selfs would want to buy, one that has good stucture, sound health genentics, great temperment and intelligence. We as a boxer breeder don't need to try to inhance the love and loyalty that is so dominent in the boxer breed. They are just naturely a loyle, loving, licking, squirmmery buddy, Exspecially with children. We don't just raise boxers in our sparetime our lives revolve around our dogs. A vast majorty of our Time and money is spent on our dogs, feeding , caring for, cleaning up after, making sure they are healthy, happy dogs. We take the welfare and care of our dogs serously. So when buying a friend , companion [Dog] for you or your family, checking out the breeder is a wise choice

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