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All dogs can be housebroken if you are consistent,as well as persistent,intraining them.There are two basic housebreaking techniques: crate traing and paper training.Crate traing is preferred because it teaches direct housebreaking.Paper training should be an intermediate step,unless youdeliberately want your dog to continue eliminating in a designated place indoors.

PAPER TRAINING: Cover the entire floor of a confined space with paper. Wait for your dog to use the paper,then replace the soiled paper.Once your dog seems to understand the paper concept,begin to leave a bare area without paper.The goal is to have only a very small area covered with paper.

CRATE TRAINING: When indoors,keep your dog in the crate or under close supervision.Take your dog out frequently,and give you dog lots of praise for releaving itself.It won't be long before your dog gets the concept of only eliminating outdoors.

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