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our lovely lady we got from you almost a year ago in feb. she is the pup from rusty and tinker bell. she has been very relaxed and calm. lvpboxers are awesome breeder to get a pup from. where the boxers stay is very nice they do have a lot to room to run and play. puppies are in a very clean place. love you guys here is a current picture of shelby. you are more than welcome to share any photos of shebly any where.thank you again she is my cuddle buddy she keeps me warm thank you again.

Ashley Borden


Larry & Virginia Pierce are wonderful breeders and has became a friend to our family. It’s abundantly clear they treat all their dogs with love and lots of respect. They shared a great deal of knowledge about the boxer breed and has continued to share updates with us. The purchase process was seamless; all the birth and health records were in order and we received a great deal of background information about their boxer breed when we bought our puppy.

Virginia has kept us connected to our puppy’s parents and we really enjoy seeing updated pictures and the news briefs that come by email and through their detailed website. Our puppy, Bella, a healthy white boxer, has been a constant source of joy for our family and everywhere we go we get asked about the breed. She’s an incredibly beautiful pup with a wonderful, wonderful disposition and we’re very grateful to have discovered LVP Boxers.

The Achille Family 

Denise, Joe, Dana, Jaime, Sammy BUTTERFLY BELLA           


Larry and Virgina,

I wanted to share a picture of my baby boy Smoke. He is almost 18 months old. I wanted to thank you for giving me the greatest gift ever in my boy. He is the best boxer I have ever had. None of them have loved me as much as he does. He sleeps in bed with me. He guards me like no boxer ever has. He so full of energy. He turned out to be exactly what you said he would be Larry, the reverse brindle far beyond my dreams. He is so beautiful I cant begin to tell you how many compliments I get on his markings. I just wanted to share this with anyone out there looking for a beautiful, healthy, full of energy boxer you and Virginia are the place to go.

Thank you again.

Sherri and Smoke


Is there anything more wonderful than a LVP boxer? Yes.. Two LVP boxers! We had written you before about how outstanding our dear Abby is. A year latter, we brought home Bella.We hoped she would have at least some of these qualities. They have the same sire..Rusty. Abby is also from same litter as Reggie.

Bella has been a total joy, she is now 1 year old.She has ALL of Abby trait's. Loyal, sweet, intelligent, and a heart of gold. They are absolutely splendid with our daughters. Anyone with children is so blessed to have these great companions.

This christmas we thank God for a home with boundless love. It's not hard to find..its reflected and magnified in our Abby & Bella's eyes. This is what boxers are all about...and the true spirit of christmas...we have year round.

Thank you..dear friends. May you continue to bring so much to families like our' that they can truely experiance boxer's at their best.

God Bless. The Scheller Family.

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